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    Final Plat(13)
    Detailed Site Plan(11)
    Specific Design Plan(27)
    Certificate Of Adequacy(39)
    Preliminary Plan(21)
    Final Development Plan(12)
    Pre-Preliminary Plan(19)
    Conceptual Site Plan(6)
    Comprehensive Design Plan(4)
    Comprehensive Sketch Plan(5)
    Conservation Sketch Plan(7)
    Zoning Map Amendment(32)
    Special Exception (Development Activity)(25)
    Departure from Design Standards(8)
    Departure from Parking and Loading Spaces(9)
    Departure from Sign Design Standards(37)
    Non-Conforming Fast Food(16)
    Non-Conforming Gas Stations(17)
    Mandatory Referral(18)
    Tree Conservation Plan 1 (In DAMS)(28)
    Tree Conservation Plan 2 (In DAMS)(29)
    Tree Conservation Plan Exempt (In DAMS)(30)
    Natural Resource Inventory (In DAMS)(15)
    Certification of Non-Conforming Use(2)
    Alternative Development Technique(1)
    Chesapeake Bay Conservation Plan(3)
    Alternative Compliance(0)
    Revision Special Exception(23)
    Preliminary Alternative Compliance(20)
    Secondary Amendment(24)
    Primary Amendment(22)
    Homeowners Minor Amendment(14)
    Special Permit(26)
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